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Image Quality testing of VR lenses and MTF testing within different temperature ranges
Image Quality testing of VR lenses and MTF testing within different temperature ranges

The TRIOPTICS ImageMaster® product group is a comprehensive system of measurement devices for determining the imaging quality of optical assemblies. ImageMaster® MTF measurement systems measure a wide range of optical parameters related to almost all typical optical components and lens systems. During Laser 2017 TRIOPTICS introduces two new
interesting features that meet the latest technology requirements in the optical industry:

Image quality testing of VR lenses with the ImageMaster® VR
The ImageMaster® VR was specifically developed for the measurement and qualification of virtual reality optics. The device measures the MTF, EFL and distortion as well as the veiling glare index which is a crucial figure of merit of modern VR lenses. It uses a high-contrast, programmable display as a light source and object generator. The chromatic dependence of all parameters is determined by using the displays´ individual color channels.

Testing of image quality within different temperature ranges with ImageMaster® HR TempControl
Testing the optical performance within different temperature ranges becomes key in many applications. The ImageMaster® HR is now available with a specially developed temperature stable design including a vacuum insulation that allows measuring samples in a temperature range from -10° to 60°. For small samples even higher temperature ranges from -40°C to +120°C are available on request.

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