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Measuring Instruments You Can Trust!
Measuring Instruments You Can Trust!

Measuring instruments from MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH have a good reputation worldwide because of their excellent quality, high precision and over a century of experience in development and production. This success story is based on the high quality standards and on well-engineered systems. Perfect alignment, the choice of excellent materials and stringent quality control result in nearly unlimited lifetime of our products, even in rough environmental conditions. To keep your trust, we also provide outstanding service and technical support.

MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL welcomes you to visit their booth 317 in hall A2. Satisfy yourself with our skills and discuss with us aspects of optical metrology and its applications such as:

• Centration measuring of lenses and optical systems

• High-precision automatic measurement of angles of micro prisms, prisms and parallel gauge blocks

• Interferometric test of micro prisms and small planar optical surfaces

• Flatness measurement of optical functional surfaces and gauge blocks

• Measurement of form and wave front deviation of optical elements and systems

• Ultra-precision measurement of  small angles with electronic autocollimators with sub-arcsec uncertainty

• Modern alignment methods with alignment telescopes and autocollimators

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